Main sponsors:

Nordic Laboratories 

Nordic Laboratories was founded 20 years ago with the aim of providing patients and practitioners with clear, reliable laboratory test analyses. Since then, they have become a leading laboratory test distributor, globally recognised and trusted. Their aim is to support and promote personalised healthcare through a commitment to scientific integrity, innovation and doing what is best for the patient. Their quality services and industry expertise allows them to serve clients from Scandinavia to Spain, the US, the UK, Middle East, Hong Kong and South Africa.

DNAlife offers genetic testing and nutrigenomics as one central aspect of individualised healthcare. Until recently, healthcare practitioners have been left to educate themselves in this exciting area of clinical science; DNAlife recognizes the complexities that surround DNA testing, and their goal is to make this science readily accessible to every clinical practice. Equipped with the most up-to-date DNA tests, DNALife is dedicated to providing healthcare practitioners with training and education to accurately interpret genetic results.

Nordic Laboratories und DNAlife are a subsidiary of Nordic Group.

KBMO Diagnostics 

KBMO Diagnostics is a fully integrated medical diagnostics company offering Food Sensitivity Testing that measure sensitivities to up to 176 different foods, coloring and additives using the Food Inflammation Test, also known as the FIT Test. The test was created by Brent Dorval, Ph. D, who was involved in the creation of the first HIV/AIDS rapid diagnostic assay. In addition to the FIT Test, they offer a Zonulin Test. The FIT test comes in three panels; the FIT 22, 132 and recently added FIT176.

Additional sponsors:

DGName e.V.  

The German Society for Natural Product Medicine and Epigenetics (DGName) is an association of doctors, alternative practitioners, therapists and interested parties who deal with scientific research concerning the causes and holistic treatment concepts of diseases, especially chronic diseases. The focus of DGName is on making knowledge about holistic medical treatment methods for diseases available as well as conveying individual preventive treatment concepts with the aim of preventing or alleviating the causes of chronic inflammatory diseases. DGName sees itself as an association of people who think and act beyond the limits of conventional medicine and their own specialty. DGName promotes quality assurance in the care of patients and develops complementary guidelines for the care of diseases with natural substances. In particular, it promotes training, further education and training for doctors and alternative practitioners in the treatment of diseases according to the latest medical research. The company exclusively and directly pursues charitable purposes. 

DELINIO - greek . organic . food 

What does DELINIO stand for? Your specialist supplier of Greek organic products, with a focus on extra virgin olive oil. All our products are sourced from small, independent and certified organic producers throughout Greece. Our aim is to support the efforts of these Greek businesses who are truly passionate about organic and sustainable production, and to  offer  to  you  tasty products with  nutritional value. At DELINIO, we do not “just sell food” – we elevate your dishes!

Verena Kneissl - VA 

As a virtual assistant she supports small companies and business owners in the background so they again can concentrate on their main business tasks. Provided services include Social Media Marketing, website maintenance or support in administration and back office. Besides Verena is a Fitness Coach and personally interested in Functional Medicine and Biohacking. Therefor supporting businesses in the functional health industry not only is a job but also a matter of heart. 
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