Corinna van der Eerden 

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and founder of the Functional Medicine Europe Network. Corinna is one of the first Functional Medicine Health Coaches in Germany and works in her own practice. Corinna is a well known speaker and educator, hosts a monthly show on Functional Medicine for the German audience, is the first European Huddle leader at School of Applied Functional Medicine and works as Business Development Manager for the Nordic Group. She´s the initiator and organiser of the Congress and will be there all day to make this an unforgettable and outstanding experience.

Karen Nijssen 

Functional Medicine Health Coach & Movement trainer. As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, she is passionate about personal growth! Her specialization is behavior change and optimizing people’s strength, mobility & flexibility in order for them to move freely throughout their lives. She helps her clients discover who they want to be and how to get there by making those tough lifestyle changes stick in a fun way. By optimizing their thoughts and behavior choices they can flourish in their lives and feel great doing so. You can see here profile here. Karen will guide us through our morning exercise and is responsible for keeping our energy levels up during the day, so remember to wear comfortable clothes, have an exercise mat at hand and stay hydrated!

Graeme Jones 

Graeme is the founder and CEO of Nordic Clinic Stockholm. He has been applying functional medicine in a wide variety of clinical environments working with some of the world's leading doctors, scientists and practitioners over the last 15 years to help to manage chronic complex patient cases. Graeme is passionate about teaching and coaching practitioners in the application of functional and lifestyle medicine in a wide variety of health and disease conditions. He has accumulated skills and experiences from the medicine, fitness, rehabilitation, nutrition and clinical research. He’s trained in exercise, health and nutrition physiology, and completed his bachelor in Sport, Health and Exercise from Durham University. He is currently working towards his PhD and is responsible for the research conducted at Nordic Clinic Stockholm. Graeme is also currently cooperating with the Karolinska Institute on IBS research utilising a precision medicine model. Prior to moving to Sweden, Graeme operated one of the UK’s largest preventive medicine units at Nuffield Hospitals and worked in interdisciplinary medical teams in Londn's Harley St district. His presentation at the FM Europe Congress will be a Case Study about successful clinical application of Functional Medicine: where questionnaires, tests, lifestyle, nutrition, medication, supplements and more meet to optimise patient outcomes.

Florian Schilling 

Florian Schilling  is a German Heilpraktiker and Chief Knowledge Officer at Mitocare GmbH Munich. He graduated from Med school Ludwig-Maximilian University in 2004, worked for the "Zentrum für Naturheilkunde München" and has been  practicing since 2006 with emphasis on Integrative Oncology and Neuroinflammation. He is a well known international lecturer and has worked as Director of Esperance Integrative Cancer Bangkok. His presentation at the FM Europe Congress will be on insufficient Vitamin-D-Receptor-Expression (VDR-Blockage) as cause for Vitamin-D-Dysfunction and Disruption of Vitamin-D-Metabolism. Several factors can contribute to a reduced expression of the VDR-Gen. This can cause a massive disruption of the Vitamin D metabolism and change the effect of a Vitamin D supplementation dramatically, causing Vitamin D to become a pro-inflammatory agent. Mechanisms and markers of this often unrecognized process are outlined in this lecture, as well as clinical solutions to overcome this problem. 

Anne Catherine 

Anne Catherine Færgemann is the lead practitioner at Nordic Clinic Copenhagen. She has nearly 20 years of experience supporting people to health optimisation through Functional Medicine. She graduated as a clinical dietitian from Aarhus University, Denmark in 2001 and holds a Master in Nutritional Medicine from Surrey University in England. Anne Catherine specializes in Functional Medicine with a focus on nutrition and the use of laboratory testing in relation to digestive problems, food reactions, hormonal disorders, autism, infections, fatigue and more. Anne Catherine teaches other practitioners both in Denmark and abroad, in the use of laboratory testing from a nutritional perspective. With her husband, Chris Moore, they own 100% of the Nordic Group. Her presentation at the FM Europe Congress will be about nutrition and the value of the Nordic Smoothie for everyday nutrition. She´ll prepare some of her favorite recipes with us and go through the potent ingredients and their purpose.

Ruth Biallowons 

Ruth Biallowons is a general practitioner and founder of Biallomed, one of Germany’s leading private practices focussing on functional and holistic medicine, located in Düsseldorf. Since her medical career started, she was inspired and motivated by finding the “Why” resulting in a broad professional background through several milestones from conventional medicine to emergency care, internal medicine, orthopaedics, surgery and TCM. The mission of her team consisting of several doctors, medical and laboratory professionals is uncovering the ultimate cause of symptoms and diseases beyond the barriers of current isolated views on individual medical histories and challenges. In collaboration with Corinna van der Eerden, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, they ensure root cause-centered treatments and consulting for their patients’ journeys towards a healthier and better life. Her presentation at the FM Europe Congress will be about the successful cooperation that has evolved over time and keeps on adding value both for her patients and the practitioners involved.

Deborrah Cisneros

Deborrah is a National Board Certified, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, and Registered Nurse.  She worked as a nurse for ~15 years, with most of that time spent in the Emergency Room. Deborrah is passionate about educating, empowering & encouraging individuals with chronic disease to push back on “this is just how it is” when it comes to their health challenges.  She gives individuals hope and knowledge on the impact of dietary & lifestyle changes to prevent and even reverse most symptoms and many serious diseases. Love of Learning is Deborrah’s #2 character strength and often has her enrolled in a course or reading a Functional Medicine inspired book (or two).  Her presentation at the FM Europe Congress will be about Tiny Habits for Implementing Lifestyle Changes.  Deborrah will discuss steps for creating successful Tiny Habit Recipes and why celebration is important to creating new habits.    

Tim Anderson 

Tim is the Co-Founder of Original Strength TM, he has been a personal trainer for over 20 years, is an accomplished author and speaker and is known for streamlining complex ideas into simple and applicable information. He is passionate about helping people realize they were created to be strong and healthy. Tim has written and co-written many books on this subject including The Becoming Bulletproof Project, Habitual Strength, Pressing RESET, and Original Strength Performance. When it comes down to it, his message is simple yet powerful: We were created to feel good and be strong throughout life. His presentation at the FME Europe Congress  will be about Posture is a Reflex: A conversation with Tim Anderson discussing how authentic posture cannot be a cognitive position you try to hold. Rather, authentic posture is a reflexive, dynamic expression of the health of the nervous system. 

Dr. Bryan Walsh 

Dr. Bryan Walsh has been studying human physiology and nutrition for over 25 years and has been educating others in the health for 20 of those years. When he isn’t teaching, he spends his time pouring over the latest research and synthesizing his findings into practical information for health practitioners to use with their clients. He has lectured to members of the health care industry around the world and consistently receives positive feedback in his seminars and courses. His online educational platform, Metabolic Fitness, helps health professionals to stop guessing and start knowing what to do with their patients. Dr. Walsh is best known for challenging traditional dogma in health and nutrition concepts, such as questioning current models of adrenal fatigue, glucose regulation, detoxification, mitochondrial dysfunction, and more. As such, he has been sought out to consult with multiple companies, academic institutions, and wellness organizations. Dr. Walsh is also a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor and has been seeing patients throughout the U.S. for over a decade. His presentation at the FME Europe Congress  will be about Three Ways Practitioners Are Botching Blood Chemistry Interpretation: A standard blood chemistry test is the most cost-effective, scientifically validated, and accurate test available IF you know how to interpret it properly. Come and learn three mistakes practitioners make when they are interpreting blood chemistry panels and what to do instead.   

Dr. Brent Dorval 

Dr. Brent Dorval, Chief Scientific Officer at KBMO Diagnostics, has over 35 years of experience in strategic management of research, manufacturing and regulatory affairs in the area of medical devices and diagnostics. Previously, Dr. Dorval held a number of management positions and served as an advisor to the World Health Organization committee on vaccines and diagnostics. Dr. Dorval has several patents covering rapid assays, novel biomarkers and a novel Polio Virus vaccine. Dr. Dorval holds a Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology and Immunology from the College of Medicine, The Ohio State University and performed postdoctoral studies and was a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His presentation at the FME Europe Congress  will be about Food Sensitivity: Identifying Inflammation, Gut Permeability and Immune Health. 

Dr. Shania Lee 

Dr Shania Lee is a Doctor of complementary, alternative medicine, who has 20 years of practical experience working in private practice and in integrative medical clinics that specialised in hormone balancing. Her passion is Functional medicine and she uses specialised functional testing in her practice to uncover the root cause of Dis-Ease. She also represents Nordic laboratories in the UK, Ireland and Netherlands, where she offers her experience as support and mentoring to her practitioners. Dr Lee is also an educator and has developed a few courses on hormones and nutrigenomics as well as being a sought-after speaker at events. Her presentation at the FME Europe Congress has the title "It's not all in your head!" and will focus on tests and assessments for mental health. It will cover Methylation, heavy metals, neurotransmitter, fatty acids and more.  

Dawn Campbell 

Dawn Ann Campbell is an English European; brought up in Germany, living in France since Jan. 2004 she spends her winters in Spain. Following 20 successful years in the corporate world specialising in outsourced HR services, she has been an accredited coach for nearly 20 years. Her philosophy is "live the life you love and love the life you live" which is all about "adding years to your life and life to your years".  Dawn is a Fellow Coach, Master Mentor, Living Foods Practitioner, Nordic Walking Instructor & co-Author of  a dozen self-care and business books. She is also the Sales & Marketing Director at the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring. You can view her profile here. Her presentation at the FME Europe Congress will be about Coaching Skills: 7 Coaching questions to breakthrough a stuck mind-set. Coaching is not rocket science. It is after all only another conversation. When delivered properly, it is an effective modality for implementing lasting change. In this short introduction to an effective coaching conversation, Dawn will share some rocket fuel to help you help your client’s to reframe a stuck mind-set.

Jenny Rowlands 

Jenny has a longstanding background in the helping profession starting with a professional qualification in social work and a masters degree in professional education and training. She is also a trained and practicing therapist, master life coach, NLP practitioner, master reiki healer and qualified yoga teacher. On an authentic level she would describe herself as a multi-dimensional healing coach and spiritual teacher, for it is her ‘souls purpose’ to spread love and wisdom.  She has been spiritually attuned for as long as she can remember starting meditation and divination at a young age, this has all eventually led to the birth of her business.  Essentially she is passionate about 3 core aspects, spirituality, healing and mindfulness. Coaching has provided the perfect platform for her to share her multi modal approach in Mindfulness Life Coaching, a model designed to work at high vibrational level for healing, well-being and fulfillment. Jenny will close our event with a 15 minutes Gratitude-Meditation. 

Our Lunchbreak-Crew

Ana Balažin Vučetić 

Ana is passionate about functional medicine and nutritious gluten free food ever since she has used them to heal herself after years of damage done by celiac disease. Paleohedonizam.net is her blog where she shares her most successful experiments with whole natural gluten free ingredients. Ana is a pediatrician and has enrolled into SAFM in 2019, where she continues her journey as a functional medicine student and advocate. Functional medicine is infusing her conventional medical knowledge and everyday practice with a flavour of health and personal empowerment and she amisincredibly grateful for that. 

Flavia Deuchler 

Flavia Deuchler is a certified Holistic Health Coach with a background in Functional Medicine and Integrative Nutrition. Her purpose is to empower people to discover their individual definitions of health and find ways to integrate new habits into their day-to-day life to feel more healthy, grounded, and connected. She is also the founder of Ora Collective; An online educational platform that offers courses, workshops, and digital-retreats to meet the ever-growing needs of society around holistic health."

Juliana Nikolova 

Juliana Nikolova is a Functional Medicine Health Coach, Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, and a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, she educates and empowers individuals on how to eat, sleep, and think in healthier ways to create more energy, calm, joy, and resilience in her own practice. She believes self-care and creating sustainable and lasting behavior change are the keys to extraordinary well-being. Aa a Master in Public Health, she is passionate about promoting healthy behaviors and developing targeted strategies to educate people about nutrition, exercise, chronic illnesses, mental health, and environmental risks.

Tammy Valta Nijhof

Tammy Valta Nijhof is an Integrative Nutrition Health coach, in the process of being certified as a Functional Medicine Practitioner by the School of Applied Functional Medicine. Tammy is a mother of three, a sports enthusiast and a dedicated professional, focusing on holistic wellbeing and the power of growth mindset. Tammy has lived in 10 different countries and has therefore been exposed to different cultures, mentalities and lifestyles. Having dealt with weight gain and hormonal issues early in her journey, she decided to help others reach awareness. She believes education is key. Her mission is to educate and empower people to take responsibility over their life and health and make those little daily steps, that will facilitate the change in various areas of their life. She is the founder of  "Your nourished life", a community with more than 1000 members, has successfully run more than 6 nutritional programs, and she is an accredited Master coach by the International Authority for professional Coaching and Mentoring. "Health coaching is a dance, a tango, a constantly evolving relationship of trust and progress". 

Mireille Wagner 

Mireille is a functional medicine and nutrition coach. After losing a dear friend to breast cancer, Mireille changed careers and made it her mission to learn about the root cause of disease and help educate others on the early signs and symptoms of chronic and autoimmune disease. Through education, inspiration and empowerment, she helps her clients change their lifestyle and nutrition habits one step at a time. Having suffered with her own health challenges in the form of asthma, chronic urticaria, eczema and seasonal allergies, Mireille now specialises in helping people with similar symptoms of chronic immune dysfunction. In 2020, Mireille, started a Youtube channel, sharing stories of people who are successfully using functional medicine principles to put their chronic illness into remission.